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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Saturday [10/06/2017]

(Orphan Black)

Update: Cable TV.

TV ShowsEpi18-49Viewers 
FOXMLB Baseball (20h-22h)Sport0.52.313
NBCWorld of DanceR0.41.824
ABCOne Love Manchester R0.31.596
CBSBlue Bloods R0.22.731
NBCDateline NBC (21h-23h)R0.52.671
ABC20/20: In an Instant (21h-23h)News0.42.259
CBS48 HoursR0.32.354
CBS48 HoursR0.32.724

 TV ShowsNetTimeRatViewers 
1Live PDA&E9:00 PM0.511.492
2UFC Fight NightFS110:00 PM0.40.923
3Beachfront Bargain Hunt: RenovationHGTV9:00 PM0.291.36
4The Perfect BrideHallmark9:00 PM0.282.031
5House Hunters RenovationHGTV10:00 PM0.281.161
6We Bought the FarmHGTV11:30 PM0.261.22
7Fatal VowsID10:00 PM0.260.806
8The ThundermansNickelodeon8:00 PM0.251.287
9The Wrong NeighborLifetime8:00 PM0.251.071
10Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & DawnNickelodeon8:30 PM0.241.265
11We Bought the FarmHGTV11:00 PM0.241.114
12UFC PrelimsFS18:00 PM0.230.696
13The Dead FilesTravel10:00 PM0.20.601
14Doctor WhoBBCA9:00 PM0.170.539
15College Track and FieldESPN6:30 PM0.150.571
16College BaseballESPN12:00 PM0.150.484
17The Vet LifeAnimal9:00 PM0.140.644
18College BaseballESPN4:21 PM0.140.47
19The SonAMC9:00 PM0.131.162
20For Better or WorseOWN9:00 PM0.130.523
21For Better or WorseOWN9:30 PM0.130.528
22My Cat From HellAnimal8:00 PM0.110.536
23IndyCar SeriesNBC Sports8:44 PM0.110.561
24College BaseballESPN9:15 PM0.110.443
25Say Yes to the Dress UKTLC9:02 PM0.10.45
26IdiotsitterComedy8:00 PM0.10.233
27Oprah’s Master ClassOWN10:00 PM0.10.399
28Say Yes to the Dress UKTLC10:02 PM0.090.468
29MLB BaseballFS14:00 PM0.080.292
30Orphan BlackBBCA10:00 PM0.070.278
31IdiotsitterComedy8:30 PM0.070.173
32IdiotsitterComedy9:00 PM0.070.134
33IdiotsitterComedy9:30 PM0.070.118
34Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ERNatGeoWild10:00 PM0.060.361
35First Time FlippersDIY9:00 PM0.060.218
36The Graham Norton ShowBBCA11:00 PM0.060.274
37CopyCat KillersReelz10:00 PM0.050.158
38Autopsy: The Last Hours of…Reelz9:00 PM0.050.225

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