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Friday, June 9, 2017

Thursday [08/06/2017]


-Final Numbers and Cable TV.

TV ShowsEpi18-49Viewers 
NBC2017 Stanley Cup Final (20h-22h)Sport1.54.4
CBSThe Big Bang Theory R1.06.2
ABCCelebrity Family Feud R1.05.4
FOXBeat Shazam1x031.02.9
CBSSuperior Donuts R0.74.4
ABCCelebrity Family Feud R1.56.2
FOXLove Connection1x030.82.5
CBSMom R0.74.2
CWSupernatural R0.20.9
CBSLife in Pieces R0.63.7
ABCThe $100,000 Pyramid R1.14.8
CBSBull R0.64.0

TV ShowsNetTimeRatViewers 
1Queen of the SouthUSA10:00 PM0.41.248
2The Daily Show with Trevor NoahComedy11:00 PM0.371.062
3World Cup QualifierFS17:47 PM0.370.797
4Sin City JusticeID10:00 PM0.341.003
5Married at First SightLifetime9:00 PM0.341.022
6House Hunters InternationalHGTV10:30 PM0.331.594
7Flip or Flop VegasHGTV9:00 PM0.321.414
8Million Dollar Listing New YorkBravo9:00 PM0.321.009
9Vintage FlipHGTV11:00 PM0.291.176
10Fear Thy NeighborID9:00 PM0.291.024
11House HuntersHGTV10:00 PM0.291.423
12Mountain MenHistory9:00 PM0.292.00
13Growing Up Hip Hop AtlantaWE tv9:00 PM0.290.591
14ConanTBS11:00 PM0.280.598
15The First 48A&E9:00 PM0.270.827
16AloneHistory10:03 PM0.271.278
17House HuntersHGTV8:00 PM0.271.322
18Beat Bobby FlayFood10:00 PM0.260.892
19RidiculousnessMTV11:02 PM0.250.48
20Cold Case FilesA&E10:01 PM0.220.765
21ClarenceCartoon4:00 PM0.220.978
22MLB BaseballESPN7:00 PM0.220.749
23RidiculousnessMTV10:31 PM0.220.424
24NashvilleCMT9:00 PM0.190.694
25Uncle GrandpaCartoon4:15 PM0.180.791
26The President ShowComedy11:31 PM0.150.434
27Vice News TonightHBO7:31 PM0.140.356
28World Cup QualifierFS19:59 PM0.140.293
29Married at First Sight: Second ChancesLifetime10:17 PM0.130.576
30@MidnightComedy12:01 AM0.120.277
31E! NewsE!7:00 PM0.110.332
32E! NewsE!11:02 PM0.110.285
33Comedy KnockoutTruTV11:00 PM0.110.235
34Idiot TestGSN10:30 PM0.10.339
35Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and ConquerBravo10:00 PM0.090.346
36Idiot TestGSN10:00 PM0.080.307
37Mysteries at the MuseumTravel10:00 PM0.080.412
38Impossible EngineeringScience9:02 PM0.070.336
39Mysteries at the MuseumTravel9:00 PM0.070.463
40Carnival EatsCooking9:00 PM0.070.211
41Beach Bites with Katie LeeCooking10:00 PM0.070.189
42IMPACT WrestlingPop8:00 PM0.060.318
43Tiny LuxuryDIY9:00 PM0.060.296
44King of the RoadViceland9:00 PM0.040.069

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