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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wednesday [14/06/2017]


-Final Numbers and Cable TV.

TV ShowsEpi18-49Viewers 
NBCLittle Big Shots2x131.17.287
CBSUndercover Boss R0.63.425
ABCThe Goldbergs R0.62.848
CWArrow R0.10.58
ABCSpeechless R0.62.397
NBCThe Carmichael Show3x030.83.729
FOXThe F World with Gordon Ramsay1x030.82.346
ABCModern FamilyR0.72.987
CBSCriminal MindsR0.64.581
CWLegends of TomorrowR0.20.615
ABCAmerican Housewife R0.72.787
NBCSuperstore R0.52.129
ABCSteve Harvey’s Funderdome R0.62.517
CBSCode Black R0.54.157
NBCThis Is Us R0.42.05

TV ShowsNetTimeRatViewers 
1The Real Housewives of New York CityBravo9:00 PM0.541.685
230 for 30ESPN8:00 PM0.491.17
3Alaskan Bush PeopleDiscovery9:00 PM0.482.242
4Full Frontal with Samantha BeeTBS10:30 PM0.451.207
5Brother vs. BrotherHGTV9:00 PM0.432.113
6House HuntersHGTV10:00 PM0.41.78
7The Daily Show with Trevor NoahComedy11:00 PM0.391.105
8House Hunters InternationalHGTV10:30 PM0.371.628
9Little Women: LALifetime9:00 PM0.361.12
10The Loud HouseNickelodeon5:00 PM0.351.805
11Homestead RescueDiscovery10:02 PM0.341.422
12Reasonable DoubtID10:00 PM0.31.157
13FargoFX10:00 PM0.291.19
14Monie Gets MarriedLifetime10:02 PM0.290.852
15Hear No EvilID9:00 PM0.251.005
16Storage WarsA&E9:30 PM0.251.309
17Blood DriveSyfy10:00 PM0.240.834
18Expedition UnknownTravel9:00 PM0.210.775
19MLB BaseballESPN10:00 PM0.210.567
20Cooks vs. ConsFood10:00 PM0.210.766
21Big Star Little StarUSA9:00 PM0.210.649
22Storage WarsA&E9:00 PM0.211.126
23Hollywood Medium with Tyler HenryE!8:00 PM0.210.727
24The Perfect MurderID8:00 PM0.20.97
25Andy Cohen’s Then & NowBravo10:00 PM0.190.603
26Storage Wars: Northern TreasuresA&E10:01 PM0.190.977
27Cutthroat KitchenFood9:00 PM0.190.581
28@MidnightComedy11:31 PM0.190.411
29ConanTBS11:00 PM0.190.449
30ClarenceCartoon4:00 PM0.170.861
31Storage Wars: Northern TreasuresA&E10:32 PM0.170.837
32The Ultimate FighterFS110:00 PM0.160.442
33True LifeMTV10:00 PM0.160.328
34Watch What Happens LiveBravo11:00 PM0.160.557
35Vice News TonightHBO7:31 PM0.130.338
36True LifeMTV11:01 PM0.130.257
37Speed Is the New BlackVelocity9:00 PM0.110.394
38Talk Show the Game ShowTruTV11:00 PM0.10.241
39E! NewsE!11:00 PM0.10.306
40E! NewsE!7:00 PM0.10.346
41EmogeniusGSN9:00 PM0.10.336
42Southern JusticeNatGeo9:00 PM0.090.346
43Junkyard EmpireVelocity10:00 PM0.090.351
44EmogeniusGSN9:30 PM0.090.322
45Idiot TestGSN10:30 PM0.090.303
46Idiot TestGSN10:00 PM0.080.308
47Year MillionNatGeo10:00 PM0.080.255
48Nashville FlippedDIY9:30 PM0.070.347
49Desus & MeroViceland11:00 PM0.060.13
50LopezTV Land10:30 PM0.060.276
51MLB BaseballMLBN7:11 PM0.060.297
52NobodiesTV Land10:00 PM0.060.364
53Nashville FlippedDIY9:00 PM0.050.277
54Bong AppetitViceland10:30 PM0.040.106

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